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WikiPIDia - Everything You Should Know About PID!

The global market has an increasing preference for the use of green energy such as solar power. The concept of sustainability massively shapes the present and future plans to lean more on this type of energy. To harvest maximum productive solar life, it requires extensive technical know-how to eliminate the PID effect.

WikiPIDia is an online platform that presents comprehensive information and actionable solutions on the topic of potential induced degradation (PID). It’s a library of PID-related topics that is free and open to all. Leverage maximum benefits and amplify your ROIs when you employ cutting-edge anti-PID solutions.

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PADCON is on a mission to help you improve the overall productivity of your solar panels. We specialize in anti-PID solutions that have consistently penetrated the solar market globally. We have successfully installed over 3,000 anti-PID products across the globe, making us a true leader in this segment.

Curious to know about our anti-PID technology? Browse through our Products Page to know more. Feel free to contact us and together, let’s sort out the best solution for you!