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"PID KILLER" and "wikiPIDia" arouse enthusiasm

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"PID KILLER" and "wikiPIDia" arouse enthusiasm at the 2nd PV Operators Conference

"PID KILLER" and "wikiPIDia" arouse enthusiasm at the 2nd PV Operators Conference

PADCON once again supported the 2nd Operators Conference in Kirchdorf/Haag as a gold sponsor as it did last year and presented the Float Controller CI, the Float Controller SI and also the PADCON wikiPIDia, which has been online for the first time since March, in addition to the companys own PID Killers, to the more than 350 participants.

"The idea of creating a cross-product PID knowledge platform was praised by all visitors to the stand", confirms Thomas Dorsch, Head of Sales and Marketing at PADCON, with delight following the event.

"The fact that PID was discussed in virtually every session at the event shows us how much the topic is of interest to the industry. We still strongly believe that the estimated number of unknown PID cases supports the fact that system owners do not know that they have PID problems. For this reason, we are particularly pleased that there are companies like SUNCYCLE, Flyingeyes Germany, Fladung Solartechnik, MBJ Services and many others that have specialised in the detection of PID and are therefore shedding light on the PID issue."

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