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NEW: PADCON includes battery storage in monitoring!


NEW: PADCON includes battery storage in monitoring!

The in-house PADCON Control Centre currently monitors more than 2 GW of PV power and, along with that, 190 photovoltaic plants. It is available at any time (on a 24/7 basis).

With the specifically developed and professional monitoring solution, the "PADCON Asset Management Tool" - among many other interesting features - all PV plants can be monitored in one single portal and, if any faults occur, the deployment of service technicians can be coordinated. All activities are documented simultaneously in a clear and detailed ticket folder. The PADCON Asset Management Tool is available to everyone involved and can be used across the company. In addition, the PADCON Control Centre’s experienced technical team offers assistance with installations, commissioning or maintenance requirements as a part of its technical management support.

The monitoring of battery storage systems is now being added to the traditional PV monitoring in the Control Centre. Battery storage is used to stabilise the European power grid in an efficient manner, thus guaranteeing a reliable power supply in the period of energy system transformation.

The options which are available for monitoring the battery storage hardly differ from those for the PV system monitoring. In the event of an unforeseen operating condition, an error message is automatically transmitted to the PADCON Control Centre, the fault code is analysed, and reset using "Remote" required components, and the battery storage is once more put into operation. If these measures are not successful, the Control Centre authorises the deployment of a technician on site. The Control Centre also communicates with the battery storage customer and the energy supplier/network operator.

The monitoring systems of PADCON enable the integration of a wide range of battery storage with different storage technologies (Li-Ion, lead battery), different SCADA systems and inverters. PADCON is accordingly able to work with all storage system manufacturers.

"With the new battery monitoring we are further broadening our range and expanding the PADCON product portfolio, which is of course very pleasing for PADCON. We see decentralised electricity storage as a key to energy system transformation. We want to make our contribution to this objective by using storage monitoring. Without energy storage the energy system transformation will not work. We urgently need working and intelligent storage solutions, especially for network stability", Klaus Schott, the Control Centre and Service Manager, informs us with regard to the new PADCON monitoring solution.

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