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Fronius supports PADCON in the fight against PID

Press release / Kitzingen

PID Killer - Plant Protection

In December 2015, PADCON first informed the public of close discussions with the inverter manufacturer Fronius - from today it is now official.

The long-established Austrian company has confirmed compatibility with the PADCON PID Killer and in a first step, issued approvals for 29 types of inverters.

"We are very proud that we have been able to gain a partner in Fronius - another well-respected name in the photovoltaic industry", explains PADCON managing director Constantin Wenzlik.

"Preparations for the approval of further inverter types are already under way and we are confident that we will be able to confirm the successful conclusion of these shortly", continues Wenzlik.

With Fronius, PADCON now has eleven inverter manufacturers on its side and has already had approvals for a total of 148 different inverters.

A list of devices already approved can be found here > compatibility list

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